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Case Studies

Loss Prevention Group has conducted thousands of successful investigations.   With so many success stories, we've provided a small sample that illustrates our services and abilities to help customers overcome theft in the workplace.

Paint Store

Problem: “We consulted with a new client in our offices. His business was experiencing significant product loss and reduced profit margins. We suggest investigatory interviews of store staff. He waits one full year, then asks us to begin investigation.

Solution: In one afternoon during investigatory interviews all four store clerks admitted to a cumulative total theft amount of $250,000. Customers knew that product sold on Saturdays was “cash only, half price”. The employees at this store had created a culture that soiled even good people who became employed there.

Result: There was a felony conviction for 2 employees and an immediate stop to the financial hemorrhaging putting this store in the red. This company was insured for the vast majority of the loss. Home run! Full recovery.

Follow-up:  Message of "zero loss" policy permeates through entire organization of 40 stores. Overall profit gains well exceed the cost of the loss prevention program.



Problem: Owners of an established restaurant noticed a slow decline in profits to the point of running in the red. All servers and host staff became suspect without any real solution in sight.

Solution: LPG began a forensic accounting investigation and found that the issue was more complex. The real problem showed to be a very trusted employee.

Result: An investigatory interview with the Book keeper reviled that she has embezzled $50,000 from the company. After a signed and video confession, a conviction was made as well as immediate termination. The company became profitable once again.


Wolf Auto Parts - Vancouver, WA

Problem: The company found $3,000 missing out of the office safe in which 4 employees had access.

Solution: LPG was called in for investigatory interview of four office staff.

Result: LPG was able to obtain signed confession for theft which resulted in criminal prosecution and termination of employment.



Sporting Goods Chain

Problem: Owners were experiencing thousands of dollars in missing inventory each month at Sporting Goods store.

Solution: LPG conducted investigatory interviews of all staff members.

Result:  Following the interviews, LPG obtained signed and videotaped theft confessions from eight of the 14 interviewed. Stolen inventory ranged from hunting and fishing supplies, rods, reels, totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Employees involved were both arrested and terminated from employment.  Theft culture ended and business more profitable.

Follow-up:  A "Zero-Loss" program was created at each store to prevent further loss and deterring a theft culture.


Shell Station

Problem: Shell station owner calls about low profit margins.  A one day of investigatory interviews of store staff uncovered one very trusted and liked employee had embezzled $160,000 over the past four years by failing to ring cash sales.  This employee was the most willing to work on days off.  He even bought gifts for the store manager. The tip off was when the store owner and trusted employee got on an airplane to fly to the store managers wedding in Vegas. The store owner is sitting in his seat, looking around for trusted employee. Store owner finally calls the trusted employee by cell phone “Jim, where are you? The stewardesses are closing the plane doors?” Jim’s reply, “I’m on board already”. “I don’t see you!” Then it dawns on the owner, this trusted $8.50 an hour employee is in first class! (Trust but verify!)

Solution: We interviewed store staff and obtained written and videotaped confession. A successful prosecution of felony theft was realized and the insurance company paid the full limit of the insurance policy.

Result: The store immediately became profitable and recovered $40,000 of loss.


Convenience Stores

Many, of our convenience stores come to us with the same problems and following outcomes.

Problem: Store owners notice missing cash, inventory shrink, low profit margins and tills are short at the end of the day.

Solution: LPG is called to investigate and interview store staff.

Result: As a standard, convenience stores can expect 30% to 50% of employees admit to stealing cash and/or product.

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