About Us

Loss Prevention Group is a Pacific Northwest based investigative and consulting agency serving clients throughout the country. Our client’s businesses range from single independent retail Buildingstores to nationwide multi-million dollar corporations that vary across a wide spectrum of industries.

We specialize in investigating employee fraud, embezzlement and larceny as well as implementing and maintaining programs to prevent future loss.

We have earned a superior reputation in our ability to investigate and solve the difficult issue of employee theft quickly and efficiently, thereby increase bottom line profits immediately.   Our services include the ability to develop and maintain a fully integrated, cost effective loss prevention program for our clients. We are consistently able to turn around businesses that are in the red to becoming financially viable and profitable again.  In many businesses, a culture of theft already exists (often unknown to owners).  Once our investigators, through interviews, forensic accounting and other methods, detect the problem, the theft culture goes away overnight with little or no business interruption.

We will help you maintain a “zero loss” philosophy within the business and curb losses in the future. The one common mantra we hear most from our new clients is “I wish we would have known about you guys years ago.” Clients are continually amazed at the results that we provide. Many businesses don’t realize that they have a theft problem. Stastically, 75% of internal theft goes undetected. We have found effective ways for companies to put an end to the profit leak from theft. Simply put, We detect those who are responsible for internal theft and prevent future losses. This is our promise to you!

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