LPG has been a vital resource to our clients by solving and preventing employee theft since 1991.   We have successfully investigated thousands of employee thefts with a 99%+ success rate.  All with little or no business interruption. Investigations culminate with successful interrogations, eliciting full signed and videotaped confessions.  These confessions can be then used to arrest and/or terminate guilty parties if requested.   Moreover, the confessions can be used to satisfy insurance claims.

With the expertise and experience of our staff, LPG is equipped to manage the intricacies and details that come with a successful investigation.   When we team up with our customers there's usually a feeling of relief knowing that a major business problem has been solved as well as an immediate return of profits. Additionally, LPG provides a number of safeguards like a plan to prevent future theft, an action list on what controls need to be implemented and most importantly, the right tools to create a work environment that’s dedicated to “zero loss“.  Our Investigation services are also inclusive of workplace personal injury as well as sexual harassment investigations.

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