An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure.  Our investigations and loss prevention programs are proven to increase the bottom line profits in almost every one of our client's businesses.  We pride ourselves in creating a workplace that rewards the honesty and makes examples of those who steal from their workplace.   Our inexpensive theft prevention programs have proven, for well over a decade, to stop the majority of internal theft from occurring.   Employees will be well aware of the price THEY will pay for stealing from your business. Honest employees will love you.   We guarantee that you will make far more dollars than you will expend.   Feel free to call for advice or help


LPG has conducted thousands of investigations over the past 25 years, obtaining confessions for millions of dollars in loss.  In most circumstances, we are able to complete an investigation in no more than a day.  We have a proven track record of interviewing and obtaining signed/videotaped confessions from employees as well as arresting and criminally prosecuting when so directed.   We do this weekly.   As such, we can and will direct you in this process which is completed with little or no business interruption.   We can help assure that your business is more profitable in the future.  Feel free to call for advice or help - (See Testimonials).


Most business owners are not aware that their business insurance likely has a "theft clause".  In most cases, all that is needed for a successful claim is proof of loss, ie; cash shortages, inventory shrink, low profit margins and a signed confession - that is where we come in.   Here is a bit of free advice; up your employee theft insurance limits.   This is VERY inexpensive insurance, as most employers simply terminate dishonest employees.  As such, insurance companies seldom see claims.   On another note, we will also assist you in developing policies and procedures to prevent future theft. Conducting a successful investigation sets the tone for preventing loss in the future.     

If you're experiencing loss, we have the answers and we can help.

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